Ryan O'Neal - Movie House

by Roxanne
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Many years ago while in college I was working one of my several part-time job taking tickets at the local movie house. I had recently gotten a "better" part-time job and this was my last night. They had asked me to train the new girl who was terrified of dealing with the public.

After watching me through most of the evening we agreed she was to take the next person through the door. Into the lobby of our little theatre in St. Joseph, Missouri walks Ryan O'Neal and Ursula Andress.

The new girl froze and I knew nothing short of barbed wire could have kept me from selling those tickets. Ryan O'Neal was in town shooting "Paper Moon". His daughter wasn't with him that evening. He was very gracious and had beautiful eyes. Ursula Andress was tall and elegant.

I finished the transaction and pocketed the torn tickets. My boss fired me on the spot for "charging" Mr. O'Neal for the movie. I had to turn in my official Theatre jacket immediately and leave. It's a wonder he didn't tear off the epaulets and have me drummed out of the lobby. Next day I started my research job on campus with a great story and a set of torn tickets to boot.

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