Scentsy - Deluxe Scentsy Wax Warmers - Caldwell, ID

by Christina Martinez
(Caldwell, ID, USA)


The "Sandai" Deluxe Wax Warmer

Scentsy is a beautiful product, which is safe for our children and pets. Over 30 Deluxe Wax Warmers, over 100 different scents, great decor for any home, business, or as gifts. Some Scents include, Vanilla cream, Irish Cream, Herb Garden, coconut lemongrass, clean breeze, and of course the Christmas Scents like, Christmas tree, baked apple pie, and the spice scents.

I will travel anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Contact Information:
Name: Christina Martinez
Phone: 208-703-2515
Business email:
Personal email:

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