Scentsy Warmers - Wickless, Flameless Candles - Topeka, IL

by Glenda Slater
(Topeka, IL)

Huge Hot Item! Wickless, flameless candles that are child/pet safe. Very decorative Scentsy warmers heat up candle wax with a 20 watt bulb. Up to six small cubes. We also carry all the very flavorful scents you could possibly dream of (that's what I call them, since they all smell so good)! The very aromic scent covers an entire room up to 20 hours. Some smooth and mild, others obvious and delicious (smelling that is). You can melt one cube, or all six, depending on the size of the room. Small outlet warmers heat up one small cube for up to 15 hours,(uses a 15 watt bulb), which we carry. We have several designs, one for every decor, every room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, any room you have an outlet. Great for all ages. Seasonal, even sports. Feel creative, you can even design your own warmer. We have catalogs and business cards to hand out. My husband, Gary and I will travel to Chicago, Springfield, Peoria, Pekin. Anywhere in Illinois.

Glenda and Gary Slater
Independent Consultants
Phone: 309-535-4457

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