Scentsy Wickless Candles - Champaign, Illinois

by Heather Morris, Scentsy Independent Consultant
(Paxton, IL, USA)

Scentsy Wickless Candles

Scentsy Wickless Candles

Scentsy Wickless Candles
Scentsy Wickless Candles
Scentsy Wickless Candles
Scentsy Wickless Candles

What is Scentsy? Scentsy began with a simple idea-a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles-and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies in the industry. Unique Scentsy warmers use a low-watt bulb to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing its fragrance time. With no flame, soot, or wick, the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 Scentsy fragrances. Products:

Scentsy Bars
Refresh your home with Scentsy's authentic wickless candles. Simply break off portions of your favorite Scentsy Bars and add them to a warmer for long-lasting fragrance! Available in more than 80 scents. Also available in economical and convenient Scentsy Bricks.

Full-Size Scentsy Warmers
Express your individuality and make a statement in any room with a Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. Available in a variety of styles and colors. Approximately 4.5" wide and 6" tall.

DIY Scentsy Warmers
Design it Yourself! Customize a Full-Size DIY Scentsy Warmer with a stylish Theme Pack. Decorate the perfect gift for your next birthday party, baby shower, or graduation! DIY Warmers are blank canvases awaiting your creativity, and with so many warmers and Theme Packs to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers
Add Scentsy style to smaller spaces with the Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer. Available in a variety of styles and colors. Approximately 4" wide and 5" tall.

Plug-In Scentsy Warmers
With Plug-In Scentsy Warmers, you still get amazing fragrance in even the smallest spaces. Now available in a range of colors and designs, each plug-in features a detachable base, making it quick and easy to change fragrances.

Scentsy Buddy
For the child in your life or the child in you, the Scentsy Buddy is always ready with a big dose of fragrance! Snuggle your Buddy for a great night's sleep or make outings fun when you bring a playful friend along. The Scentsy Buddy is the perfect cuddly companion?and there for you no matter what. Each Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold scrumptious Scentsy fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak and bring your Buddy to life with comforting scent. For children ages 3 years and up. Go to to meet all the Scentsy Buddies!

Scentsy Fragrance on the Go
No matter where life takes you, take Scentsy along! Cars, purses, hotel rooms, gym bags, or lockers-delightful Scentsy fragrances are designed to go virtually anywhere!

I am willing to travel 200+ miles for shows, events and bazaars.

Heather Morris
Scentsy Independent Star Consultant

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