Scottie Pippen - North Brook, Illinois

by Patricia Monroe
(Chicago, ILLinois)

My name is Patricia Monroe of Chicago Illinois. I met Mr. Scottie Pippen at J.C. Penney Department Store in North Brook, Illinois; I worked in the men's department at that time. While putting-out stock of men's underwear and T-shirts, I saw a large figure, from the corner of my eye. This huge shadow over took my 5'3" tiny frame, I became curious as to what this monstrosity of a male being was. It made me stop working, subdued by the figured; I peaked around the corner for one second and looked. Not knowing who the large statue of a man was, when I first looking around the corner, all I could see was this enormously tall statueous figured. I thought to myself, he's tall enough to be a basketball player or play some kind of sports. He was looking for a store clerk to assist him, and he too was peeking around the corner, when he spotted me. He came over to me and asked for direction to the elevator, so that he could go to the Bed & Bath Department. Before, giving him direction I made a comment. Asking him to tell me if he played basketball, or some kind of sports. I stated, because he was so enormously tall, he had to play some kind of sports. He looked at me and smiled, and said his name was Scottie Pippen and he played for the Chicago Bulls. At the time I didn't ask him for his autograph, because he was a customer in the store. Not wanting him to think I was harassing him, and me needing to get back to work. I went back to work, I don't think I'll ever forget the day I met Scottie Pippen. Reminiscing back and wishing that I would have asked for tickets to a game and get his autograph. That was the first time I had ever met a basketball player, or any sport personality.

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