Shanice, "Leeza" - Los Angeles, California

by Lilly Madden
(Roswell, NM, USA)


Shanice, "Leeza"

When I was 15 years old, I was just a regular kid. That is until I got a phone call one night from the fan club president of R&B singer, Shanice. She said that Shanice would be on Leeza later that week and they would like me to be in the audience. I told her i would love to, but my parents would never take me or send me to L.A. alone. The next day while I was at school, the show producers called my mom, told her thy wanted me ON the show, and arrangements were made. When we got to the studio, they had a personalized trailer ready for me. I hung out in there for awhile, but then my family got called to their seats (my parents in the audience, and my younger brother on stage with all the kids). I waited as patiently as I could backstage. My moment finally came and I was super nervous. I walked out on stage, gave Shanice a hug, and she gave me a gift and some flowers. Long story short, it was a day I will never forget, add 20 years later, Shanice, Leeza and I still keep in touch (thanks to social media).

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