Shawn Southwick King - Prestwich Farms, Spanish Fork, Utah

by Rebecca

My husband and I are janitors at the restaurant that I waitress at. We go every night at about ten o'clock, since the restaurant closes at nine. This particular night was in December of 2010. The lights were still on and it was eleven o'clock. We decided to investigate. Walking through the parking lot, we saw a huge Hummer Limousine. My curiosity peaked, we went inside. My boss was still there chatting with an older gentleman. He seemed to be waiting for somebody to come out of the restroom. Then emerged a younger woman. She seemed exhausted, but happy. She turned to my boss and said, "I'm so sorry for the mess." before leaving. Once gone, I asked my boss who that woman was. Her response? "That's Larry King's wife. She comes in all the time."

Soon she left so we could go about our duties cleaning the restaurant. Upon entering the men's restroom I was greeted by a horrifying sight. The handicapped stall was covered with a pink substance. It was all over the toilet, the floor, the walls, and even splashed over to the next stall. I assumed it was barf, and I knew it didn't come from Mrs. Larry King, Shawn Southwick. I cleaned it up without fuss.

The next day I asked my boss why the restroom was covered with pink nasty. She said one of Shawn's kids had been eating a ton of red licorice and basically threw it all back up. I laughed soooooo hard.

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