Stevie Ray Vaughan - Dallas Texas

by James Davis
(Oklahoma City, Ok.U.S.)

It was the hot blistering summer of 1967 the air was full of deep thick moisture because a thunderstorm was brewing right over us. So my brother and I decided to go for a swim to knock off some of the heat. When we got to the pool two other young guys were already in it. We both slid in smiling at how cool it felt to get out of the heat. And just as we did a thunder clap sounded in the clouds making us all look up at the clouds. But none of us ran or even tried to get out of the pool.

My brother David, being the bolder of us, quickly started getting aquainted with the other two boys. And after telling them that I played the guitar the youngest of the two came over to me and started talking.

(Stevie) "I hear you play the guitar?"
(Me) "Not real good but I try hard."
(Stevie) "So doesn't this storm bother you?" "What I mean is you could get killed by lightning if it were to strike this pool." "Doesn't that bother you?"
(Me) "No not really." "It's just to hot not to swim."
(Stevie) "Hey, I like that about you!!!" "Say, how about jammin' with me later?"
(Me) "Sure!" "Just say when."
(Stevie) "How bout in an hour or so?"
Me) "Sure."

So I met him and his brother Jimmy in their bedroom at their apartment off of Mockingbird Lane. We jammed a couple of times there. But I never got over just how fast this young fourteen year old kid could play that electric guitar. I remembered his name because my granddad's name was Vaughan too. And even to this day no one believes me when I tell them that I jammed with the famous Stevie Ray Vaughan himself. Except for my brother who says that he doesn't remember it. Maybe one day Jimmy Vaughan might recall that hot day in the pool.

And I still think that Stevie had that day in the pool in mind when he did that first music video of him playing his plugged-in electric guitar in a driving rain storm. He was just that fearless.

My deepest sorrow on his passing; James Keith "Chiefton" Davis Jr.

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