Taye Diggs - Miami, Florida

by Michelle
(Saint Marys, GA, USA)

Hey..this was a pretty funny encounter. I was staying a couple of blocks down from the beautiful Eden Rock hotel in Miami Florida for a family reunion.(The hotel I stayed at a was considerably less fabulous, but that wasn't such a bad thing.) When my family and I arrived, there were tweenaged girls camped out in every nook and cranny available.

Apparently there was a celebrity fundraiser going on that week and we just happened to walk right in the middle of it all. This was a lot for a girl from a medium sized military town to take in. N'Sync, the cast of that 70's show and Usher was there to name a few. Will Smith and Alfonso Reibiero were in Vip, although Alfonso did not like being called "Calton" it seems after all these years. Well, it was hard to get any pictures of anyone because these celebs were swarmed with adoring fans, so i kinda laid low until I spotted him. I knew he looked familiar! It was Taye Diggs...alone?

In the impressively large lobby, there was a grand staircase leading up to the second floor. I watched Taye Diggs cross the room quite elegantly, and press the first floor elevator button. Still, no one was around, but as he entered the elevator, I figured my chances of getting a good picture had all but evaporated. So I hunkered down determined not to let another close call like that one "get away", when I heard the unmistakable sound of the ringing of an elevator. I looked up and Mr. Diggs had taken the elevator to the second floor! The top of the grand staircase.

Amazed, and stifling a laugh, I watched him grandly stroll down the same staircase he took the elevator to by pass. He was making his "entrance"....just in case anybody missed it the first time! But I was respectful and I waited until he reached the last step before I asked him for a picture. He was much too happy to oblige.

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