Ted Kennedy and His Wife - Boston, Massachusetts

by Blair Robertson
(Morganton, NC, USA)

The day of the Red Sox/Yankees playoff game of 1979 was a weekday, a day they called the "day of more dead grandmothers" than any in history, because every office worker in Boston had called in some excuse. I was a grad student at Harvard, going to the game early with my boyfriend. We got in line, because the gates hadn't even opened yet. Suddenly, he murmured to me, "Don't say anything, but that's Ted Kennedy in front of us." He should have learned by now not to tell me "don't say anything"! I immediately turned and said, "Mr. Kennedy, how nice that you have to wait in line like the rest of us". He laughed, and reached to shake my hand. I introduced myself and my boyfriend, and he introduced HIMSELF and his wife, as the Secret Service closed in tightly around us. We made a bit of small talk about the upcoming game, and then the gates opened, and off he went. He was so nice! blr17percent@yahoo.com

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