Telly Savalas - 1984 Moosehead Pub at Spirit Mountain Ski Resort - Duluth, Minnesota

by Joan
(Duluth, MN, USA)

Telly Savalas was best known for playing the title role in the 1970s crime drama Kojak but he was also was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Birdman of Alcatraz (1962).

I met Telly when I was a waitress - he was in the pub all by himself while his younger wife (she was from Minnesota) and kids were out skiing. It was a slow day and I recognized him immediately. "Hello, Mr. Savalas - I said" and "Call me Telly was his reply". He had one drink of our best cognac in a sniffter and was eager to chat while. He mentioned that he just got back from a trip from Wales (Britain) and he thought Duluth was "charming". He had a very infectious smile and was warm and congenial and I was surprised one of his index fingers was malformed - I never saw that in the show. He asked about my studies at college and seemed genuinely interested and very well read. He tipped me $20.00 for the one drink. That was big money in the 80's. RIP Telly - you were amazing!

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