Terrel Owens - Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

by Joe Sullivan
(Franklin, Me)

Me and Deuce

Me and Deuce

I took my 7 year old son to The Philadelphia Eagles training camp in Allentown,Pa a few years ago. As the players were walking on to the field my son yells (and I mean YELLS) out T.O. T.O. and throws him a football hoping he would sign it.

Terrel was close to 30 yards away and a seven year old just hit him in the numbers, needless to say he was so surprised at the throw that he jogged over with a big smile. Where did you learn to throw like that lil man he says. My boy all proud says my Dad. Funny thing is I could never throw a football to save my life.

So he signs the ball for my boy, we both thank him and give him a pound. Then T.O. runs off forgetting to give my boy back the football. TERREL! yells my boy Terrel turned around blushing a bit rubbed his head and threw the ball back to my boy. I can tell by his throw why he is a receiver because my son was pushing through the crowd "I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!" makes a diving catch that stunned about everyone.

Amazed Terrel runs over and asks if my son was trying to take his job. I just couldn't let the ball hit the ground, and to this day it never has.

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