Terry "Hulk" Hogan - Clearwater, FL

by Brie
(Formerly of Clearwater, FL)

We went to Blockbuster one day to get a movie and Hulk Hogan was there with Brooke and Nick when they were probably less than 10 years old, so still cute. My sister could not contain herself as she ran up to Hogan, who was dressed in black lycra pants, a tie dyed shirt and a Hulk Mania bandanna around his head (not even kidding). He was very nice and accommodated my little sister with some Hulk Hogan gimmics, she was probably the same age as Brooke at the time. Since we lived in Clearwater, this was not the only time we just ran into the Hogans doing regular family activities. We would see them at the grocery store, the mall, and once we saw them at Celebration Station. The best part was, that Hulk Hogan was always dressed the same way.

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