The Andrews Sisters, LaVerne - Mound, Minnesota

by Mary T. Mills
(Crescent City, CA)

Me: My 80th Birthday Picnic

Me: My 80th Birthday Picnic

It was the summer of 1945. My friends and I were to be High School sophomores. We had made the trip to Lake Minnetonka to visit my grandfather. We decided to hike to Mound for a lark. We were in the best of spirits when my friends started yelling, "I can't believe it! Look, it's the Andrews Sisters!" They took off running. I looked, sure enough, it was.

The Andrews Sisters rose in fame about the time of the second world war. They made so many wonderful records about the life of the GI's and generously gave their time and themselves to the cause of entertaining the "boys". The "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" being the most famous recording. They were a household word.

LaVerne, the promoter, generously spoke to we three dazzled teenagers. She asked us how we came to Mound. When she heard we were from Iowa, she said she had recently been to Dubuque. Sisters Patricia (lead singer) and Maxine, hung back with a friend. We left on cloud nine saying, "Isn't LaVerne nice, she is so nice!" I still get the shivers just writting about it.

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