Tom Hanks - Peotone, Illinois

by Alyssa
(Peotone, IL, USA)

A bunch of us neighbors with Tom Hanks!

A bunch of us neighbors with Tom Hanks!

When I was in the third grade, Tom Hanks was filming his movie, Road to Perdition in my small town of Peotone, Illinois. Peotone is about forty-five minutes south of the city of Chicago. My family and I knew that Tom was in town and we had been trying to catch a glimpse of him since we heard so many stories of all the lucky people in Peotone who had already met him that week. We were driving around town one night and we saw a small crowd surrounding a black suburban. We all had a feeling that it was him! He was in the passengers seat of the car with his head out the window. He looked exhausted! We got him to sign our Toy Story VHS case and got our picture with him and a bunch of the people that were there as well. My uncle even put him in a head lock in the picture! I will never forget that experience because even though he had been working all day, he took the time to make a few of his most lovable fans happy!

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