Tom Selleck - A Market in Big Bear Lake, California

by Rosemary Scanlan
(Colton, CA USA)

Well, I had a brief communion of sorts with Mr. Tom Selleck in the late 90's while sitting in the parking area in front of Stater Brother's Market, in Big Bear Lake, CA.

My husband had just entered the market to pick up a few things when I looked up and saw this great looking guy, dressed in the most unusual Baseball Player's outfit I'd ever seen. The suit was white with pastel colored pin stripes. He was actually wearing lavender colored stockings up to above the calf and the pant legs of his costume stopped just below the knees.

I looked up and into those expressive eyes and saw the biggest grin. It was obvious he was really enjoying this silent meeting as he stood by my passenger side window. I wanted to lower the window but of course, could not because the car was turned off. I just wanted to say Hi! It was almost like an encounter with something so wonderful, but the moment was so fleeting, for fear that any unusual act on my part would only frighten him away.

He smiled at me and I guess I smiled back. He nodded and turned away and got into his Suzuki and drove away. I honestly felt a loss at seeing him drive away. This man has been a favorite of mine for so many years and this brief encounter only reaffirmed what I already knew.

Mr. Selleck is a terrific human being who has a great sense of humor. If you are out there somewhere reading this Mr. Selleck, you are welcome to come stand by my car for just a moment or two, or longer, whenever you wish.

By the way, my son told me later that evening, there had been a March of Dimes event and Mr. Selleck had played in an unusual looking Baseball Uniform as had the other players.

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May 19, 2009
a nice guy
by: Anonymous

my brother was parked near Tom Selleck's house after some night fishing, Tom stopped by and asked the guys what they caught and had a pleasant conversation.

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