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Top 5 Reasons To Donate a Car

Here's the top 5 reasons to donate your car to charity:

Top 10 Donated Old Car

5. Convenient - If you donate your old car, everything will be taken care of for you. You will get your old vehicle off your hands hassle free. There is no charge for pick up. It is much more convenient than trying to sell your vehicle for months on end. No haggling with a dealer over the trade-in value.

4. Save Money - Start saving money on your old vehicle right now. No more insurace, repairs, registration, or other costs after you donate your car.

3. Feel Good - Feel good about your car donation by helping a charitable cause of your choice.

2. Tax Deductible - You may deduct your donation off your taxes. The IRS considers donating a car a viable tax deduction, provided of course that it's going to a nonprofit organization that is recognized as such. Often, you are able to write off the amount your car or vehicle sells for after your car donation. Check with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the exact amount of your benefit.

1. Get a Vacation Voucher - There are many organizations that offer some type of vacation voucher with a donated car. This can include free hotel stays, airfare, complete vacation package, and more! Although not all organizations offer free vacation vouchers with an old car donation, you will find many will!

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