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Top 5 Ways To Get Front Row Tickets

Here's the top 5 ways to get front row tickets to sold out events:

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5. Buy Them - We couldn't help mentioning this one. Yes it is obvious, but you can actually get front row seats cheaper than you might think. Check eBay and Craigslist first as they seem to have a good selection of front row tickets.

4. Find Online Contests & Sweepstakes - This is a relatively new way of obtaining front row tickets. There are countless contests and sweepstakes that you can enter online offering front row tickets as the grand prize. Check www.sweepstakesadvantage.com, www.online-sweepstakes.com, and www.sweepstakestoday.com for current contests being offered.

3. Check The Artists Website - Go to the website of the event or artist you are trying to obtain front row tickets for. Many times, the band, singer, or other will offer a chance to win front row tickets directly through their website. We have seen this on many major artists websites.

2. Win Them On A Radio Station - This is by far the most common way to get front row tickets to a concert or show. Almost every radio station in America will offer the chance to win front row tickets to events. Actually, the odds are not that bad. The more you try, the better shot you have!

1. Wait Until Day of Show - Here is our number one way to obtain front row tickets to a concert or event. This has proven to work time and time again. Typically, a certain number of tickets are held back for radio stations (contests) and friends and relatives of the actual performer or artist. Almost always, all of these tickets are never used up. So, what do you think they do with them? They release them the day of show. Naturally, almost all of these tickets are excellent seats. Most are either front row or in the first ten rows. We have found that the best seats will become available between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. although there is no guarantee. This method will not work all the time, but it will work more times than not.

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