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Top Ten Ways To Build Traffic To A Website

Top ten seo strategies to increase traffic & improve your website ranking & position:

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10. Be sure that all your pages are optimized well for the search engines.

9. Genuinely participate in blogs & forums and include a link in your signature to your site.

8. Write and submit press releases announcing your website or the benefits of using your site.

7. Start a blog on your site. These create content and seem to attract links from other sites.

6. Remind your audience to bookmark your site. This will generate future traffic for you.

5. Create valuable and unique content and the search engines will reward you for it with more traffic.

4. Submit your videos to sites like Youtube and include a link to your site in the video itself.

3. Buy pay per click ads from the search engines. Costly, but a fast way to get traffic to your website.

2. Get links to your website from other high quality websites of similar themes.

1. Write & submit articles to quality article directories & include a link to your webiste in your article.

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