Trace Cyrus - Cleveland, Ohio

by Julia
(Parma, Ohio, USA)

Walking into House of Blues for the first time, I clutched my ticket with a grin on my face. Through the big brass duoble doors my friend Erin and I saw Trace Cyrus with his band, MetroStation, performing on the stage. Pushing away the mass of people we made it to the front; it almost seemed as if I caught Trace's eye every once in a while. After the concert Erin and I waited for the band to come out and greet us. Glistening in the dim light Trace stood in the middle of the room signing autographs. My friend and I waited for the place to clear out a bit before we approached him, and I received an autograph, picture, and a never forgotten smile. Meeting my celebrity crush and idol was the most amazing experience.

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