Travis - At Darien Lake Theme Park, New York

by Brandon Hite
(Fredonia, NY, USA)

One day this summer I was at the Darien Lake Theme Park to ride the rides and wait for the concert to start. The concert was being performed by Blink-182, my favorite band! Anyways, a couple friends and I were walking around the theme park trying to figure out what ride to go on next. As we were walking around, a mother, or so she appeared to be, approached me due to the Blink-182 shirt that I was wearing. When she came up to me she informed me that Travis Barker, Blink-182's drummer, had been seen walking around the park. Of course I was flipping out because I REALLY wanted to see Travis, but I knew the chances were against me. After I spoke with the lady, we carried on our way for probably only about two minutes and then I saw Travis himself walking my way. As soon as we made eye contact I had the biggest smile on my face. It was so big he had to think I had some sort of weird crush on him! Anyways, I said "what's up!" to him and he actually said something back to me and stopped and talked for a few seconds. Hands down the best moment of my life!

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