Uppercase Living - Decorative & Personalized Vinyl Lettering & Embellishments - NJ

by Kiki Frasca

From the Home Expo show.

From the Home Expo show.

Uppercase Living, (908)453-4389. Uppercase Living is either pre-made expressions from our catalog that you can order directly on my website or customize your own expressions at a fraction of the cost as to what personalized painters would charge or vinyl lettering for your banners, vehicles, storefront etc. There are over 35 colors and 5o fonts to chose from!

Decorative vinyl lettering, personalized expression, pre-made expressions for your home, business, auto, banners, store front, etc....The possibilities, marketing, advertising uses and decorating ideas are endless!

Personalized vinyl prints created into vinyl decals for any surface! Very reasonably prices. Book a show in your home, shop on-line at www.kiki.uppercaseliving.net or join my team, ask me how you can earn extra income.

Contact me anytime or visit my website at

Email: cybermomof4@comcast.net
Phone: (908) 453-4389
Uppercase Living
Website: www.kiki.uppercaseliving.net

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