Victoria Justice - Hollywood, California

by Tori Lynn
(Shenandoah, PA, USA)

Victoria Justice & Me

Victoria Justice & Me

On my first cross-country vacation from Pennsylvania to California, my only goal was to spot at least one celebrity. I knew not to hold high expectations in meeting a star, which is why when I landed right outside a celebrity get-together on Hollywood Boulevard I was ecstatic. Gradually shoving my way through a wild flock of eager fans, I landed at the front of the crowd. My excitement grew to a new extreme as I laid sight on some of today's hottest teen stars. As I cheered and screamed as any other girl on an adrenaline rush would, who would step right before me but Victoria Justice! Shaking, I asked the star from the new iCarly movie, iFight Shelby Marx, if she'd take a picture with me, and she happily agreed. She was so sweet as she continued to sign autographs and greet fans, which is why meeting her was the highlight of my best vacation ever!

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