Vince Gill on an Airplane from Florida

by Cori
(Douglasville, GA, USA)

I spent the summers at my grandparents in Oklahoma when I was younger. On one trip coming from my home in Florida, I flew on an airplane that was what I was use to doing. First may I tell you I was a huge country music fan. So, I was sitting there on the plane (in coach), looked up and there he was. I knew that face anywhere because I was a big fan. I was also a "beach girl" so I took my surfer magazine (the only thing I could find at the moment for an autograph). I walked up the aisle and said "Hi...You're Vince Gill!" He was very sweet. I don't remember everything we said but I do remember that he signed my surfer magazine on a page where there was a picture of a surfer on a wave. He said "tell everyone that's me." I thought that was cute. Thanks! Cori,

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