Waylon Jennings - Tucson, Arizona 1969

by Dorothy Piper
(Bettendorf, IA, USA)

We just arrived in Tucson, Arizona and learned that Johnny Cash and his band were playing at a popular club nearby. My husband and I decided to attend...not being a huge country fan I wasn't really familiar with Johnny Cash, but I knew the name.

After a couple of drinks and getting my nerve up I approached the man in black and asked him if he was Johnny Cash and he answered, "No darlin', I'm Waylon Jennings" and he gave me a big hug and ask if I was enjoying the show and commented that a lot of people ask him if he is Johnny Cash. Waylon also said that he and Johnny were good buddies and that he would seeing him the following week. Waylon was such a gentleman and as the years went by I enjoyed his performances thinking back on the night I met him thinking that he was Johnny Cash. Great Experience.

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