Why Wicks Emporium - Gourmet Candles & More - Chalmette, LA

by Erika Hymel-Watson
(Chalmette, Louisiana)

Offering gourmet candles, fine bath & body products, and specialty gifts at your next event!

Our Gourmet Candles leave no black soot on jars, walls, or curtains. They can be considered the "Greener Candle". They are made of all natural products and mostly vegetable. Overall they are a Cleaner Burning Candle.

Our Bath Products such as the bath bars are made of all natural soy products and are better for your skin as it doesn't dry it out or leave the icky soap scum in your jet tubs as other soap products do.

Our lotion will speak for itself. Once you begin using it your pedicures become less frequent as the lotion helps even my mother who suffers with a medically caused dry skin. I will travel if the event is right!

Vendor Contact Information For Event Bookings:

Erika Hymel-Watson
Why Wicks Emporium
email: erika@whywicks.com
website: www.whywicksemporium.com

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