1952 MGTD Migi Kit VW - $2,000 - Sacramento, California

by Mark
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

1/2/2016 Sacramento, California - BEST MGTD KIT EVER MADE...complete fiberglass kit car built in the 80's and sat out in the weather for 10 yrs. interior there but shot...GOOD 1600cc air cooled rear engine with newer carb. NOT RUNNING ...not in last 14 yrs, BAD GAS...4spd stick 1976 VW pan...no title or any paperwork whatsoever...SO...for Calif smog needs....best just get a 75 or older base regular VW pan with a non op title...so there is no smog required... no top...but all there...fun easy project...916 904 6494.

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