1979 Waymatic Remodeled-Snow Cone-Slushies-Full Business-15000- Raleigh,NC

by Jason

The following trailer is a 1978 Waymatic concession bending trailer that has been reconditioned and remodeled. First let me give you the story behind our family Snow Cone business. Starting in the late 1980s my mother started a snow cone business traveling the roads and going to local sporting events. The people in our area always loved the freshly shaved ice and quality flavors we had to offer. During the 90s we no longer offered service on the street with merry-go-round music. My mother continued to go to local sporting events as well as craft and trade shows. This particular concession was ran with a diesel Mazda B 2000 with a smaller utility bed on the back making it perfect to have drink racks down both sides with ample space for ice coolers in the middle with a serving cooler at the rear. The white and red truck was well known in our community. During the 00s we got more involved in larger events and fairs. We would often work several large event spanning from July to November. Oftentimes the events would require us to pre-shave as many as 15 large coolers as well as many many extras jugs of popular flavors. During this time at events it was always backbreaking labor to get the concession ready in the morning as well as keeping it stocked during the day. Not to mention the scorching heat melting away nearly half the product. Altogether still at many event we would sell over 1000 products a day between snow cones cups and regular cups being the large. After 2010 I began to become concerned for my mother's health being out in the hot sun all day. At that time I purchased a 1978 Waymatic concession bending trailer from Coca-Cola bottling. 90% of the trailer is aluminum and fully insulated. When I purchased it I had to have some of the flooring inside the trailer redone due to rust. The first time I finished the trailer it was very similar to the original Coca-Cola bottling design with it being open on three sides with drink racks all the way around and a main serving cooler inside. The trailer came with a built in 110v wiring system for smaller things like a fan and lights. This setup gave more of a professional appearance as well as comfort from being out of the sun. My mother continued to use this at sporting events and craft shows. When I inquired about entering the trailer into our local fair I was told I would need to make the modification. One of those modifications were having a skirt that would clip on the bottom of the trailer to cover the wheels of the trailer and the second modification was to have a surrounding that would cover the towing tongue of the trailer. At that time I convince my mother that during the off-season I would continue to make modifications to the trailer. The following trailer for sale in the outcome and the ending the ending result of all the modifications done. This trailer has been used for many fairs and larger events due to the now increased capacity of our service capability. The trailer can be used for a one-day event or use continuously in the same spot. The trailer can operate with as little as one person or as many as three inside depending on demand at the time. Okay let me tell you about this trailer.

The concession box of the trailer itself is 10 foot long and 6 foot wide. With the towing tongue it adds up to 14 foot long by 6 foot wide. With the marquee on top the trailer stands 9 1/2 foot tall. It has Goodyear trailer tires all the way around that are less than a year old. The top marquee is lit up with 96 LED flashing light that can be programmed. All window closures and doors are lockable. The trailer has a 60 amp 220 V power inlet on the outside of the trailer. I have operated the trailer in his current condition on 30 amps. Freshwater inlet for the interior sink as well as a wastewater outlet. The three sides on the trailer are completely closed in with the main serving side having safety tempered glass with a glass serving window in the middle. The rear of the trailer has Lexan safety glass and a Lexan serving window to keep down on weight. In the right side is completely Lexan also to keep down on weight. Under the awnings that open up all the way around our LED lighting that provides clean bright light for your customers and you as well. It has a Dometic rooftop AC system that gets cold enough to run you out of the trailer. As you enter the trailer through the entry door to the right you will first notice a small stainless steel washout sink. This was added for washing hands and other utensils at larger events where water is supplied. Next continuing down the right side will be a Bunn S series 220V coffee machine with two auxiliary warmers on top. I've been asked many times why I added the coffee machine into a cold service unit. Let me say first that I do not only use it for coffee. The coffee machine in this unit produces continuously hot water that can be used for many things to include cleaning, making flavors, hot chocolate, and tea just to name a few. Plus I might add during events you never know how the weather will turn. Plus there are always people that love good coffee. After the coffee machine sits a Bunn ULTA-2 HP slushy machine. This particular machine is less than three years old and is in like new condition. The only thing we using this machine is all concentrate that we are able to mix with all 20+ of our flavors. Since I have introduced this method many people prefer the slushy over the shaved ice especially for kids which it provides a more drinkable consistency. All that being said right beside the slushy machine is the large shaved ice storage bin.

The rear and main serving side of the trailer consists of drink racks and countertop space. The drink racks are designed to hold 1 gallon jugs. In the trailer we often carry or than 20 flavors for options. The bottom walking section of the trailer is aluminum and is able to be washed out very easily. Rubber safety Matt is on top of the aluminum providing a slip free surface. Included with the trailer will be a aqua Fina serving chest as well as a pet the serving chest. Also included is a 4 foot roundtable that was used for a coffee service table providing all the mixing for coffee as a self-service option. The trailer tongue enclosure is included and is made of lightweight material for easy setup and takedown. The trailer includes a red leather skirt for the bottom part of the trailer that covers all the way around. The trailer will include blue and white freshwater hoses for hooking up to freshwater. A detached waste water tanks when needed is included. A 100 foot 220 V power cord as well as a 25 foot 220 V power cord. The trailer has a four point manual leveling system underneath. One person can completely set this trailer up in as little as 30 minutes. Takedown can be just as quick but often takes more time due to cleaning of the hoses and power cords. I will include the two ice shavers we have. These two ice shavers have worked wonderful for us for over 20 years. Only needing to be serviced and have the blades changed periodically. Also for sale is the icemaker that we have used for many years which is a Hoshizaki model number KM-1300SAF and it is also 220 V. . I'm selling a separate because it is a very large unit that would require freight shipping if not purchased locally. Also included with the trailer will be all remaining stock meaning all cups, service utensils, concentrate flavors, gallon jugs, dispensers, and miscellaneous items. Purchasing the whole unit along with the ice machine would allow you to go right to work with everything needed. My mother has also agreed to share with the buyer how our drinks are made and where all our concentrate products are purchased from.

I will include as many pictures as I can of the concession trailer. It is currently completely winterized and put up for the season. After last season my mother said that she did not want to do it anymore and she just wanted to stay home with grandkids so that is the reason for a selling. I would trust this trailer to be pulled across country with no problems. The trailer does not have trailer brakes but all the wheel bearings have been serviced and the tires are practically brand-new. If you would like any particular information about any item on the trailer please let me know and I would do the best I can to accommodate your request. If you would like any additional photos please let me know what you would like photos of. Call or text Jason at 910-734-4603

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