2002 Chevrolet Astro High Top Van - $7,000 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

by aaron
(Cedar Rapids, IA, USA (Linn))

2002 Chevrolet Astro High Top Van

2002 Chevrolet Astro High Top Van

4/16/2015 Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 2002 Chevrolet Astro High Top Van VIN- 1gcdm19x62b129086. Title free and clear. Miles 222092. Ice cream and Snow cones. Iowa lost its only supplier of Blue Bunny Ice cream and Madison, Wisconsin is the closest. This is why I'm selling this van. I have made a lot from it. I worked part-time 6-7 days a week for about 3-5 hours a day.

I would pull in $1500 or more in sales a week. I ran Jun-Oct, sales were $20,000 this year. It's a great start up and potential is there to make really good money at not much work. That was part time.

The truck has the best of both worlds, ice cream and full service snow cones.

I'll start with the 3 things wrong with it, then go over all the good stuff.

1. At end of season it started leaking power steering fluid.

2. Check engine light has always been on. .Never had mechanic look at cause I never had problem with it.

3. Leaks a little bit of oil.. Maybe a 1/2 quart to a quart every 2-3 weeks.

That's it for that.



Covered in 3M Wrap about 3 years old looks awesome (parents and kids loved it, doesn't look plain and it's a theme).

It has 2 music sirens. 1 has an assortment of 15 different children's songs like you would hear from an ice cream truck. Yeah and it gets annoying fast. LOL. Siren 2 is for mp3 players, iphones and android phones and players. Plug into the head phones and play whatever music you want. I did radio stations on the iphone with i heart radio app. Big hit.

I hate the way the product stickers look on most of those vans so I made a menu board. The menu board does come off. I set up the menu board off the street signs on Vista print.com. Fits perfect. Is a easy copy and paste images on it. Has counter above menu board which make transactions so much easier. Then above that is a light for the night vending (parties, fairs, things like that).

There's a front transformer symbol in the front that lights up when flashers are on. Also one in the back that doesn't light up.

Has cord in the back that pulls out to keep the freezer cold at night and recharge the three compartment sink to run the next day and reheat the water.

Ohh, yeah the Number goes with it if. It's a Company called Callture. It's 9.99 month customers call it and it gets directed to your phone. It also has voice mail for customers to leave important messages. I loved it. I knew if it was customers calling my cell or friends. Great advertising tool too. Or you can have the sign guy put over it: Enjoy tiki ice" Shouldn't cost that much.

Engine good, Transmission Good, Shocks good. Tires I would say another one or two seasons then need changed depending on how long selling season is.

My Favorite INSIDE:

The Seats are a little worn.

The floor I put in new tiles last season it's like a black marble. (Doesn't show the dirt and syrup as much.) The walls all have RFP on them and ceiling has a flexible RFP on it. So it can be washed down easily and your health dept. will love too.

Has soap dispenser on the wall too. Below that is the hand washing sink. Hot and cold. (Health dept requires.) To the right is freezer it's older but still has a lot of life in it. Freezer has bamboo wallpaper on it and is painted brown for the theme of the truck. I held 27 different ice cream goodies. In the back of freezer is second battery to help with power to freezer and snow cone machine.

Close to the front is the 3000 Watt inverter runs the freezer, snow cone machine, the siren that plays music, and LED lights that dance all around the inside of truck. To make it more of a fun and party feeling. That has a remote to change it to all kinds of options.

Now the side you vend from has the window, it slides out to vend from. Above it is a calculator on wall and below the window is the cash drawer bolted to the floor.

To the right is the snow cone counter. Below the counter it has a lot to storage for extra cups, straws and whatever else you need. On counter is pull out container that has straws, napkins and spoons for easy vending. Also, it has a snow cone machine on it's bolted down to counter. Has a drain built into counter for excess spillage.

Above the counter is two bars rails that hold all of the syrups. I had 24 flavors which is a huge variety. Snow cone machines blade is still sharp I would say another 2 seasons.

It crushes up the 440 lb. of ice an hour. Runs off of 110 v.

Then in the back is the 3 Compartment sink. (Health dept requires.)

I bought this unit custom in Florida and had it shipped. You plug it in to charge during the night. It charges the battery inside sink to run water all day. It heats the water all night to and keeps it hot all day also. It's kind of like an RV's sink. It has the three sinks (For Health Dept.), also the fill tank and dirty water tank.

Buyer pays for shipping or pick up. That's pretty much it, any questions just ask. It's a pretty cool truck and will make lots of money and happy customers.

Thx for looking, Aaron.
Email is aaronlaird@ymail.com
Phone is 319-491-5642

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