2013 Teardrop Camper Travel Trailer - Mill Creek, USA

by Edward Rogelstad
(Mill Creek, USA)

2013 Teardrop Camper

2013 Teardrop Camper

2013 Teardrop Camper
2013 Teardrop Camper
2013 Teardrop Camper
2013 Teardrop Camper

5/7/2014 (Mill Creek, USA) - 2013 Teardrop can be used for fun week-end camping...or with today's gas prices...it also can be used for cross country travel. I'm retired from Boeing...have built three teardrops...built to the same high quality standards found in Boeing airplanes.

The six foot wide cabin...provides more cabin space.

The higher ground clearance provides easier access to the more rugged camp grounds found around the country. Quality built to last and stand up to rugged back road cross country travel.

Lightweight enough to be towed with economy car... gas prices won't spoil your travel plans.

Has both a microwave oven, and refrigerator. The super quite 2000 Watt Honda on-board generator (1/2 hour testing time on the generator) provides the power to use the microwave anywhere you won't need to find an RV park to get power. Fully adjustable 20,000 BTU propane stove and grill...

Portable sink (not shown).

Weighs only 960 lbs...Independent torsion bar suspension for smooth easy traveling...extra wide interior (six foot) with a (KING SIZE) bed and mattress.

Large polished aluminum diamond plated storage box.

Solid oak custom cabin and galley...exterior is high grade aluminum with baked-on paint and anodized, two entry cabin doors (one on each side).

Magic five second pop-up and down six foot tall toilet * Uses standard size disposable bio bags.

1. The tail lights are 1934 Ford tail lights with the word "stop" in the lens.
2. The cabinets are built into the body providing structural integrity. . .
3. Screw holes are pre-drilled, back drilled using a drill guide to insure every screw hole is straight and clean. . . stainless steel screws are installed.
4. Efficient practical 110-120 volt (household) electrical system...LED lights with dimmer switches.

Price $9,600

Phone (425) 224-4693.

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