2013 Wells Cargo Concession Trailer - $24,850 - Lewiston, Idaho

by Rick
(Lewiston, ID, USA)

2013 Wells Cargo Concession Trailer

2013 Wells Cargo Concession Trailer

2/22/2016 Lewiston, Idaho - The 2013 16' x 8.5' Wells Cargo trailer is licensed in Washington State, up to code, and in almost new condition with some minor wear. The five-foot commercial hood with fire suppression system would permit cooking whatever you want. Your options are vast.

Included with the trailer are these items:
• 2012 65" True TD-65-24-S stainless steel bottle cooler, can hold 32.5 cases of 12oz cans at 33 to 38 degrees.
• 2012 Bunn Ultra-2 Gourmet Ice High Performance Stainless Steel Slushy/ Granita 6 gallon frozen drink machine. 32% faster freeze compared to standard model.
• 100 lb. propane gas tank installed in properly vented enclosed compartment.
• Type 1 60" x 30" commercial hood with ½ hp. 928-1923 cfm exhaust fan.
• Professionally installed fire suppression system inside hood.
• Stainless steel wall covering and table in cooking area
• Stainless steel counter tops throughout the trailer.
• Health department approved and easy cleanable FRP fiberglass wall and ceiling covering.
• ½" Sound Choice sound deadening board installed in walls and ceiling.
• Fiberglass insulation installed inside walls, ceiling and under the floor.
• Two 78" safety glass service windows with awnings and fiberglass counters.
• One 102" safety glass service window with awning and fiberglass counter.
• Two radius tinted windows with sliders.
• Two roof exhaust fans in addition to the main hood exhaust fan.
• Reliance Controls 110 volt, 30 amp, 6 circuit (5 in use) heavy-duty generator / line transfer switch / electrical panel.
• Six Gallon hot water heater
• Sixty gallon fresh water tank under floor, oversized to provide water for lemonade and other drinks.
• Forty seven gallon gray water holding tank under floor.
• Fifteen gallon fresh water tank installed inside the bottle cooler.
• Two five gallon water (drink concentrate) tanks installed in bottle cooler
• Two Brix pumps to pump 5 parts water to one part drink concentrate to frozen drink machine.
• Two 3.3 gallon per minute, 30-45 psi, water pumps. Water lines are Pex and are better than copper for handling the vibration of trailer travel. .
• Hand wash sink.
• Oversized triple sinks with two washboards.
• Removable tongue allows setup in smaller locations.
• Washington State L&I insignia with approved plans.

A 15-gallon water tank and two 5-gallon drink concentrate tanks are installed in the True bottle cooler, so the bottle cooler's capacity is little less. The tanks are plumbed to two 5 to 1 ratio brix pumps and an on-demand water pump. To fill the Bunn frozen drink machine, you just turn on a hand value to pump chilled water and drink concentrate into the frozen drink machine. It is very fast and convenient, especially when you are busy. When you sell frozen lemonade fast on hot days, having cold lemonade easily added to the machine is critical. Not only can you sell two different drinks
included big train drinks, frozen yogurt, and many more in the Bunn drink machine, you can do smoothies and/or espresso in the drink prep area.

The vented (three installed cooling fans) insulated (noise reduced) generator compartment is wired to the 30 amp 110 volt gen/line electrical panel with meters to monitor your generator and line power usage. I have at times hooked up to two 15 amp or 20 amp power sources. You can run on one 20-amp circuit by monitoring your power usage with the meter. A small quiet Honda or Yamaha 3000-watt generator would have plenty of power. A propane gas line is installed into the generator compartment.

I had planned on a bathroom; however, Wells Cargo was not able make the room the legal size for a bathroom. Therefore, it is a storage room plumbed for an extra hand wash sink. The trailer the tallest and widest Wells Cargo would build. The extra inside height and width is a major benefit because of the increased storage and operating space it provides. The floor is recessed 4" in the serving area to lower you closer to customer eye level. The recess area is the maximum depth and area that Wells Cargo could build.

The trailer is currently being used in a successful and established kettle corn business in Clarkston, Washington and Lewiston, Idaho. I make kettle corn in a non-typical manner using two 32 oz. Cretors Giant propane gas popcorn poppers. You may purchase the popcorn poppers and/or business for an extra $2500. It is a great deal since the poppers cost $2800 each. The poppers do most of the work with their electric stirrers. My loyal customers tell me they like my kettle corn a lot better than typical kettle corn.

If you want to get into this years events, the time to act is now. I will provide free limited operational assistance within a reasonable distance to the buyer of the business and trailer. While I cannot guarantee the event organizers will accept the new owners into their event, I will do my best to help you get those contracts that I currently have.

Bins, cups, utensils, containers, bags, popcorn, etc. needed to operate would be included in the sale of the business. If you choose to keep my business name, extra items like the frame sign, printed menus, custom refillable cups, t-shirts, and full skirting would be available at a very reasonable price. You could choose to run more than one event at the same time with the extra popper.

Call Rick at 208 305 8766. I have more pictures and information available. Thanks.

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