50 Amp 120/220 Electric Service Installation

by Neal
(New Orleans, LA)

I am building a food truck and i have a 7000 watt 120/220 generator and I would like to set it up with this wiring system. Can anyone help explain how this is done? I have allot of experience in just about every other trade but electrical. Would really appreciate any help. Wanna make sure I do it right! Thanks.

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Dec 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

You should get a 50 or 100 amp panel. In the panel you will have 2 lugs on top of the breakers. This is where your 2 hot wires will be attached. Black and red if you are using 4 wire cord. The white wire goes to the neutral lug and the green to the ground lug. This cable needs to be ran outside the trailer to a female 50 amp 4 wire recepticle. This will allow you to plug your Gen set or shore powe into it.

Mar 02, 2014
Electrical stuff
by: Midnights

I am doing something similar with my truck. You will want to come off your generator with the main plug. I have the Generac 17500, and the 50A 120/240V plug is on the bottom of the panel. I have that cord going into an RV 50A box on my generator enclosure (my generator enclosure is mounted on the back of the truck, so it can be removed). Then I go from a standard RV 50A cord into the truck. I have a load center (breaker box) that my power feeds into. That makes it easy to feed into my individual circuits. The smaller load centers like you will likely use will often not come with a ground bus bar, but those can be purchase separately. Tie each hot into a different side of the load center. Then connect you neutral to that bar and your ground to the ground bar (which you might have to put in yourself).

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