Amanda Bynes - Orlando, FL

During the 2007 filming of the Amanda Bynes movie, "Sydney White" the production company was looking for candidates to interview for the position of personal assistant to a celebrity. Having been a PA before, I figured I'd take a shot at it. Luckily, I do not get very star-struck. So I went for it.

The interview was first with the director. Things went well and he revealed to me that my next interview would be with the actress herself, Amanda Bynes. I was excited because not only would the pay be more than I was currently making but it would be fun to try something new and exciting in the "hollywood" arena.

She walked in and I remember she was very thin, much more than I had expected. She was button-cute and wore a ton of body spray. She shook my hand and we went on with the interview. She was kind, sort of fidgety, asked relevant questions and inquired about my interesting life living overseas. We briefly discussed her work, I was only familiar with a few of her movies at that time.

After the interview, she gave me a hug and walked me to the door. I wished her luck on the film and went on my way. Per our conversation, she was looking for a "motherly" figure to serve as her assistant. Someone to cook her meals and take care of her while she was away from home. Being that I was only 2 years older than her, I wasn't the right fit. But it was a nice experience to remember the day I came close to working with a "hollywood starlet".

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