Andre the Giant - San Diego, California

by Mitch Lieg
(Kent, WA, USA)

I was on a work trip for Boeing to attend a composite seminar with a work associate. At the hotel we were staying, on a Sunday night, we stopped in to the hotel bar for a nightcap before going to our rooms for the night. It was about 11 P M and the bartender wanted to close and go home. We were the only two there and sitting at the bar. In walks Andre the Giant and a demure Asian lady. We were told to leave him alone. Andre took a table. He ordered drinks, said hi, struck up a conversation, and invited us to sit with them. We had a great time with them and the bar closed about 1:30 AM! The most impressive thing was the size of his hands. When I shook Andres hand, mine was buried in it! More than twice the size! One hellava man! This is a great memory.

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