Angelic Candles of Houston - Premium Softwax Candles - Pearland, TX

by Laura Dunham
(Pearland, TX)

Peddler Show, Rosenburg ,TX 2010.

Peddler Show, Rosenburg ,TX 2010.

Angelic Candles of Houston! A candle customer's two most important expectations that cause them to enjoy their candle are length of burn time and fragrance 'throw'. Due to the specific properties of wax and fragrance oil, a candle manufacturer can only put up to 5% fragrance oil in a candle. The creator of Angelic Candles wax formula has been named a "magical artist" by a large fragrance distributor for creating a special wax formula that suspends 10-15% fragrance oil in a premium softwax blend! THIS GIVES OUR CUSTOMERS THE MOST FRAGRANT, LONG BURNING CANDLE ON THE MARKET! WE WILL DOUBLE THE BURN TIME AND FRAGRANCE OF ANY CANDLE!

We have both wick and our signature "Quickmelt" wickless/flameless candles, perfect for schools, dormatories, offices and anywhere that does not allow an open flame! With over 30 scents to choose from, we know you will find exactly what you love and enjoy our product....our customers do become addicted! Angelic Candles are "Highly Fragrant, Divinely Addicting!"

**We will travel 45 miles outside, all around Houston!**

Please visit our website:
Thank you, Laura Dunham-Owner, Houston Distributorship
(ph) 281-692-0858

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