Avon - Skin Care, Fragrance, Cosmetic Products - Arlington, TX

by LaToria Session
(Arlington, TX)

New Fragrance''In Bloom

New Fragrance''In Bloom" By Reese Witherspoon.

Avon the company for women, Avon deeply believes that the most effective way to improve society and change the world is by helping to improve the lives of women everywhere. Avon's Mission is to EMPOWER WOMEN from all walks of life and help them create better lives for themselves and their families. Its fragrance, skin care, and color cosmetics are among the most recognized brands in the industry, including ANEW ANTI_AGING SKIN CARE AND SKIN SO SOFT BODY AND BATH LINES.

We also Offer Children Products, as well as wellness products and jewelery.

I have products on hand for cash and carry. I don't need a large booth or table, just enough to display my products and other things. I am willing to travel within the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I will also travel to local cities as well.

Contact information:

LaToria Session

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