Ballantine - Onstage or Close-Up Stroller Magician Comedian Magician - Sarasota, Florida

by Toby Ballantine
(Sarasota, FL, USA)

Forty minute stand up comedy magic. Usually onstage, but table hopping is also good. I am the type of magician that does Ridiculous magic, I always include a volunteer from audience, and perform outstanding old time absolutely silly magic effects and pitches. The stand up gags Include my life story as a circus performer and sideshow magician. People like it. They contribute to the fast pace, by laughing and applauding! I enjoy Giving a funny glimpse of life on the magic stage, touring with tent shows, while thoroughly putting over quite hokey classic magical effects. It is the oldest way to enjoy magic, through comedy and tall tales...relaxing round the to speak...

The Great Ballantine
50 miles

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