Brigade FMX Freestyle Motorcross Shows - Maricopa, Arizona

by Vince
(Maricopa, AZ, USA)

Flying High at a show in Gunnison, Colorado!  Rock solid.

Flying High at a show in Gunnison, Colorado! Rock solid.

We are a licensed and insured freestyle motocross demo team based in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are tired of the same old boring entertainment then look no further!....Our high-flying Pro motocross riders will have the crowd screaming their hearts out and gripping the edge of their seats with tricks such as Backflips, the Kiss of Death, Cliffhangers and rock solids performed 40 feet high over gaps of 75 plus feet! Freestyle motocross (fmx) is unique in the fact that it entertains ANY crowd of ALL ages, and is viewable from distances of up to 1/4 mile without the aid of bleachers or elevated seating because the riders are so high up! We perform shows at home and abroad all over the world with references as far away as Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. Contact us today at or (928) 242-9263.

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