Budiman Food - Authentic Indonesian Tempeh - San Jose, CA

by Claudia Budiman
(San Jose, CA)

Tempeh or Tempe in Indonesian, originated from Indonesia, most likely from the island of Java. Soybeans are dehulled, cooked and fermented to form the soybeans into a structured cake-like. Tempeh is very healthy, high in protein, fiber, B12 and other vitamins. Tempeh nowadays are used worldwide for Vegetarian Cuisine. Our tempeh is not cooked, and contains live tempeh culture. So, please keep our tempeh frozen, and cook the tempeh within a day of thawing.

For fresh tempeh, it is better to cook the tempeh first before freezing. You can use tempeh as a substitute for meat. When using tempeh as a meat substitute, it is better to cut the tempe into bite size then bake, fry, or steam the tempeh before using it in the original recipe.

Any questions about ordering? Contact:
Tempeh Malang by Budiman Food
Website: www.budimanfood.com
Email: budimanfood@yahoo.com

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