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Cajun Cowboy

Cajun Cowboy

The Cajun Cowboy brings a "Taste of New Orleans" to your event. Our big seller is our Jambalaya, nothing out of a box here! "Jambalaya Jean" is our our team and she makes each batch from scratch which includes chicken, sausage, rice, peppers...and of course her secret batch of spices. Other homemade Cajun favorites include Red Beans and Rice, Chicken Gumbo and our own recipe of Cajun Pulled Pork.

Our "Po' Boy Sandwiches come fully "dressed" with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, Mayo, Cajun Dijon & Mustard with your choice of meat, cheese, or seafood.

Here are a few of our Po' Boy sandwiches: Shrimp, Clams, Roast Beef, Turkey, Turkey Club, BLT, Ham & Cheese, Surf & Turf (Roast Beef & Shrimp), and Pulled Pork.

Our Food Concession is a class 4, fully contained, colorful, Cajun Music, Madi Gras Beads, and always lots of fun and interaction with our customers...

You can contact me at:

Phone: 541 210-2783

Travel: Willing to travel along the West Coast, Nevada, Arizona, Washington.

Distance: 200 - 300 miles (or more) depending on event, past attendance and number of us and we can discuss your needs.

Thank you,

Will McLaughlin
"Cajun Cowboy"

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