Canio - Rap Artist - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

by Canio
(Ft. lauderdale, FL)



Canio, an upcoming rap artist from Ft. lauderdale, FL. Canio is a 27 year old rapper/beat producer/CEO of Pagliacci Productionz. He's been rapping 12 years and producing beats for 2. Canio is kind of making a quiet yet abrupt entry into hip-hop. With only a few fully released tracks, the next 9 months are crucial to Canio as he strives to make himself known before Feb. 2010. His goal is to positively change and shape hip-hop and simultaneously self-empower those going through difficult times and feel there is no one to relate with. After doing a couple of "hook" tracks to gain club and radio exposure and establishing a small fan base, Canio is now ready to make his move. Over the next 3 months, expect to see the release of 4 new tracks with positive lyrics while staying true to hip-hop and himself. If you're looking for more rap about how much money someone makes, or how many people I rob, I'm not the rapper for you, and have a great day anyway. No disrespect to anyone in the game, I just have a lot of serious issues to address and a serious message I'd like to share with the world. If you're ready for songs of positive influence through graphic displays of technical lyrical word play... Stick around, things are about to get real interesting. I have 12 years of lyrics about love, life, death, parenthood, employment, government conspiracy, corporate superstructure frustration, family, abandonment, bigotry, shame, and more. I promise to address the world's issues through displays of personal relevance and I also promise to simultaneously shape hip-hop back into what it's supposed to be. Hip-hop was formed to address issues affecting the worst neighborhoods in the world, hip-hop was always meant to be people with a love for music making a positive influence and change in the neighborhoods that need it the most. In a time where nearly all are struggling, those neighborhoods are expanding fast instead of being improved. . Positive hip-hop has slept for too long. We've glorified gangbangers and drug dealers for too long. It's time to embrace teachers, philosophers and astronomers. The time has come to embrace knowledge. The world is turning a blind eye to too many important issues on a daily basis. Not anymore.

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