Championship International Wrestling ( CIW ) - Professional Wrestling - Adrian, Michigan

(Adrian,MI, USA)

Championship International Wrestling ( CIW )

Championship International Wrestling ( CIW )

Championship International Wrestling (CIW) prides itself on the fact that all of our shows are 100% FAMILY FRIENDLY! Tha's right, our shows are 100% FAMILY FRIENDLY! You don't have to worry about vulgarity, profanity, or lewdness at one of our events. Our shows are absolute wholesome fun and entertainment for wrestling fans of ALL AGES! We pack a punch! With reasonable ticket prices (family packs included), hard hitting, fast paced, old school wrestling action as well as entertainment and fun for the whole family!

Championship International Wrestling (CIW) is a professional wrestling organization based in southern Michigan. CIW proudly embarces the old school wrestling mentality. With wrestlers such as Nitro, CIW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: "The Dark Horse" Hoss Monahan, PJ Flowers, Conrad Kennedy III (CK3), "The Mastermind" Dave Duponte, Brian Bender, CIW U.S. CHAMPION: Phil Atlas, Rev. Christopher Saint, CIW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Thoroughbreds (Kris Korvis & Aaron Orion), and many more...

CIW also likes to bring in the legends and current stars of wrestling such as: The Honky Tonk Man, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Demolition, The Barbarian, Kamala, Koko B. Ware, TNA Superstar: Abyss, Former WWE/TNA Superstar: "The One Legged Wonder" Zach Gowen, TNA Superstar: Sharkboy, Former WWE Superstar: Rosie, and many more!

Will travel all over..Unlimited.

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Phil Monahan

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