Charles Barkley - Portland, Oregon

by Brian Lawson
(Portland, OR, USA)

I met Charles Barkley in Portland Oregon in the summer of 2003 when I was a security guard at the 2003 Neil Lomax Quarterback Shootout at Lake Heron golf course. I remember trying to hold the crowds back from crushing into the main entrance of the dining chalet. All the other stars parked their golf carts outside and walked in past me as I would hold the crowd back from pushing past me. Then comes Mr. Charles Barkley and his entourage who pushed ME aside, telling me "Stand Back Charles is coming through"...when I said "wait, He can't drive his golf cart into the dining tent"...And they looked at me and said "Oh Yes He Can". And as he drove up the ramp I had to step out of the way or else I would have been run over as he smirked at me. When everyone was inside, I was the lead officer, so I took the inside position with the other guards around the outside. I remember looking around at quite an assortment of star athletes eating and drinking and carrying on. All of the stars were nice and happy us guards were there except for MR. Charles Barkley. He kept eye balling me with some type of mean stare. I mean, almost every time I looked over at his table, he was glaring at me because I had told his 'handlers' that what he did was against safety policies because he could have hit a little child inside the dining area of, which, there were plenty of children inside. We were contracted by Neil Lomax to maintain order and safety and I am a pretty big guy myself but, I just remember being shoved aside and being told "Oh Yes He Can"!!

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