Cha-Yen, Shaved Ice & Bubble Tea - Eastampton, New Jersey

(Eastampton, NJ, USA)

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Our product picture.
Cha-Yen, Shaved Ice & Bubble Tea
Cha-Yen, Shaved Ice & Bubble Tea

Cha-Yen brings a fun twist to ice and tea using old fashion and new age techniques unique to this region. Our products resemble some familiar favorites while combining some exciting and new flavors with a slightly different technique. We are a small mobile food business operating out of Eastampton, New Jersey, and licensed by the Burlington County Health Department. We are fully insured owner operators looking to vend at local events and introduce our fun product to the public.

Shaved Ice

We have all undoubtedly eaten, or at least heard of, Italian Ice but our ice is just a bit different. We begin by freezing our ice in blocks with the flavor already infused. To serve our ice, we use a special machine to spin the ice block across a razor sharp blade to produce a fine stream of ice.

The consistency of the ice is very unique and is unlike that of a snow cone or Italian Ice. Our ice is light and fluffy and resembles snow more than it does ice. Once out ice is shaved from the block, we then top our ice with an array of toppings such as simple flavored syrups, fresh fruit, condensed mike and other exotic toppings like lychee or mochi. This delicious treat will wow you and have you craving more.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is growing in popularity on the east cost and is already a big hit around the word. Bubble tea is also referred to as milk tea, pearl tea or boba tea. The tea is quite simple and comes in many flavors both simple and exotic. The defining characteristic
of bubble tea is the small bubbles, also called pearls or boba, that are found in the bottom of the drink. The pearls are made primarily of tapioca starch which have little to no taste by themselves. The pearls are softened by boiling to a gummy bear consistency and then soaked in a simple syrup to give them flavor. The pearls are added to the bottom of the tea and a large straw is used to suck them up from the bottom as you drink the tea. It adds some fun to your drink while also giving it flavor. Our tea is served ice cold in 16 and 24 ounce glasses.

While some companies use a special sealing machine to mold a film over the top of the glass, we simply use a snap on lid for the convenient of mobile vending.

We also serve a herbal tea and ice pop as a healthy and fun option for the family.

We are willing to travel up to 50 miles. For more information contact us by email at or call Greg at 609-346-4607 or Beer at 609-367-4858 or visit our website at

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