Cheech Marin - LAX Airport, Los Angeles, California

by Mary Garza
(Oxnard, CA, USA)

My husband and I were going on a trip to Reno, Nv for a conference he had to attend for work. We were at LAX airport when my husband says to me hey isnt that Cheech Marin from Cheech & Chong? I said I dont know lets get a better look and stroll over. Well little did I know my husband wasnt following me and I was walking towards him by myself. I kept staring and he caught me looking. I knew I was busted for staring so I acted like I was headed for the bathroom. He starts to follow me and he, Cheech Marin says hey whats up. I said Hello and said hey arent you with out saying his name and he nodded. I said wow I have seen many of your movies can I get your autograph? He said yes and signed my flight ticket,"keep getting high Cheech Marin". I said thanks and looked at it I said to my husband here's his autograph. we laughed and began to board our plane as we sat and waited for the plane to load guess who walked in the plane??? Cheech marin!

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