Clowning for Kidz Foundation - West Warren, Massachusetts

(West Warren, MA, USA)

Our Mission Statement: "The CLOWNING FOR KIDZ FOUNDATION was organized and formed as a 501C-3 organization for the sole purpose of helping children by advancing and teaching the art of clowning. It is our desire through clowning to educate children on self-empowerment in order to build their confidence and show them how to laugh and to see the importance of helping others."

Vision: The CLOWNING FOR KIDZ FOUNDATION shall endeavor to provide children with opportunities to learn the art of clowning and encourage them to use it as a basis for self-empowerment, character building, and a way to develop their public speaking and social skills. We will also inform, empower and engage young people about the importance of civic engagement, and connect them with tangible opportunities to help others through our community appearances, which allow us to share the healing power of laughter and continue our mission to help fulfill the needs of children.

The CLOWNING FOR KIDZ FOUNDATION also provides workshop kits to area schools and day care centers without cost, which shall provide licensed educators, have the educational tools that they need to help children reach their full potential and live happy and healthy. The current workshops available include “Say No To Bullying!” which presents information about the different types of bullying, why people bully, and how to respond to a bully. “Safe Touching!” which informs preschool age children about different types of physical contact, and what is not appropriate. Finally, “The Character Chronicles!” explores the six pillars of character development to help children make informed choices and become better people. In the future, Clowning for Kidz aspires to add other important topics to our educational library including internet safety, gun safety, fire safety, tolerance and diversity, conflict resolution, and many other subjects which can be utilized to help children. Our realization of this goal would allow us to maintain a library of resources to lend to professional educators to encourage children to be healthy, live happy, and make good life choices.

Additionally, funds may be bestowed to fulfill special requests to help children in need, as well as associations for abused, neglected, and at-risk children, teen scholarships, charitable foundations, and other 501(C) (3) qualified organizations that help children. Recent examples of our philanthropic contributions designed to strengthen communities and help children in need include: providing orthopedic corrective shoes to a child suffering from leg length alignment asymmetry, providing a child with a rare skin condition with a therapeutic mattress, donating funds to help build

a wheelchair ramp for a child, providing a holiday party for 50 children in the Philippines where each of them received food for their families, toys, and a year's supply of school supplies, providing scholarships to 6 inner city youth to spend a week at a residential summer camp, donating over 800 presents to needy families during the holiday season, and many more.

How​ We ​Make the ​Magic ​H​appen: Volunteers of the Clowning for Kidz Foundation appear at various “fun”raisers throughout the year during which they participate in events such as parades, festivals, fairs, tradeshows, walkathons, and more, on a first come-first serve basis. The Clowning for Kidz Foundation gladly accepts donations and all proceeds are used so that we can continue our pledge to help children. All requests for clowns are filled on a first-come- first-serve basis, according to the availability of the volunteer members.

The Clowning for Kidz Foundation offers a wide range of entertainment options for events of all sizes and budgets. When you have our clowns at your event, they will work to entertain/ and engage your guests with their variety of skills ranging from ​ Parade entertainment with their silly clown props, and taking photos with spectators to create magic moments and lasting memories​.

Background ​C​hecks, ​Tr​aining​, & Credentials: Our Clown College training program is a 30-hour long program, lead by a training staff consisting of clowns that have been clowning for many years and have reached great success in clowning. The goal of our classes is to provide a broad education in the clowning arts, inform, empower, and engage them as volunteers, and ensure that we have the best clowns available. Because of the nature of our organization working with the public, the final step in our training program is that we require that all potential adult clown volunteers to receive a thorough Criminal Offender Registry Indicator (C.O.R.I) and the Sex Offender Registry Indicator (S.O.R.I.) background check before they are allowed to perform in the community.

​​Please contact us if you have any questions!

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For booking or more info:
Clowning for Kidz Foundation
​​P.O. Box 286
West Warren, M​​A 01092
(774) 263-5018, 413.454.7234

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