Cob's Concessions - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

by David Walls
(Johnstown, PA, USA)

Cob's Concessions

Cob's Concessions

According to, the history of soda can be traced back to the drug revolution of the 1850's, when people would visit their local drugstore for a remedy (aka... a drink) to cure whatever was ailing them. At that time, there were no laws governing the use of drugs and medication in beverages, so ingredients such as caffeine and cocaine were regularly included in these drinks, along with various herbs and flavorings to make the drink taste better. In the late 1880's, real soda fountains were created with the invention of carbon dioxide tanks by Jacob Baur. This enabled shops to begin selling liquid carbonic soda drinks. Also in 1914, congress passed a law that banned cocaine and opiates as over-the-counter products. It was also during this same time that people became more concerned about what they considered to be addictive and intoxicating in their drinks. Baur and others worked to reinvent and change the image of soda fountain drinks in the early 1900's, advertising them as non-intoxicating, delicious treats.

By the early 1920's just about every drugstore had a soda fountain, perhaps as a way to fill the void left by the Prohibition's closing of bars. These soda fountains were a great business opportunity in the time to fill that social void. Soda "jerks" would have their operations/recipe manual memorized and would be ready to serve up all sorts of popular drinks. The golden age of soda fountains continued until the 1950's where most pharmacists were operators of their own drugstore and soda fountain. Due to the mass production of canned soft drinks and other like beverages, a rapid decline of the soda fountain began in the 1970's. Today, old-fashioned soda fountains are often hard-to-find and exist for many because of the nostalgic feel and memories of past decades.

Many event goers are excited for the opportunity to enjoy our Chuck Wagon Old Fashioned Soda. - “It’s SODA-LICIOUS!”

Contact Person
David M. Walls, III
Cob’s Concessions
Business: 814-254-4906
Cell/Text: 757-262-7640

Our Beliefs
We believe in providing excellent customer service with healthy and safe operation.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and cleanliness. We approach every event with the mindset that, to the public, we are a direct representation of the event. Keeping this in mind, we do as much as we can to present a positive, professional, and lively image.

Permits & Insurance
Cob’s Concessions possesses all the necessary documentation to do business with the state, federal and local governments, as well as a retail food facility license. We also carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy with a $2,000,000 aggregate through Wells Fargo Insurance, Inc.

Façade & Equipment
Cob’s Concessions Chuck Wagon Division can set up in a 10’ X 10’ space. The entire set up takes approximated 30 to 45 minutes to erect and break down. We use high grade matting below the taps when needed, which allows for a “no mess” clean up. It is our intention to “leave no trace”, that is to leave each location as we found it (clean and in order).

Our entire setup meets or exceeds the requirements of the PA Department of Agriculture.

We use a three-part stainless steel sink with hand washing station. All sinks have pressurized hot and cold water. Wastewater holding tanks built to health department specifications and solid outer housing for durability and cleanliness.

Utilities Requirements
A water and electric power supply within 80’ of the vending location is preferred, but not necessary. We will be completely self contained if need be. We use CO2 tanks to provide carbonation.

Signs and Advertisement
Our canopy, which contains our logo, on the stagecoach serves as our main advertisement. In addition, we have a portable “A”-Frame sign directing Old-Fashioned Soda enthusiasts to our setup. The use of this sign will only occur if permission is obtained from the event directors. We will follow the regulations required by the event.

About Us
Cob’s Concessions is a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 2012. You may have seen us selling our “World Famous” Kettle Corn – via Cob’s Kettle Corn.

We are very strong advocates in the fight against breast cancer and donate a portion of all sales to finding a cure.

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