Cosmo Kid - Performing Artist - Lodi, NJ

by Todd Kenyon
(Lodi, NJ )

Cosmo Kid

Cosmo Kid

Cosmo Kid Production believes you are ready for our crowd-pleasing, eye-popping, spray can performance art show. We perform to upbeat techno music, while creating out of this world fantasy landscape paintings right before your eyes in 3 to 8 minutes. It is a dazzling display of speed and precision that will take your breath away. We use nothing more then stock tip spray paint, circular objects, recycled newspaper, cardboard and a little bit of imagination. (No specialty tips or airbrushing is used.) It is the movement and manipulation of the paint that is used to create our work. There is no age limit here. This is not just another kids show, nor is it specifically targeting adults. It is a universal connection between the ages of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. With a complete cultural blend of today's society this will appeal to audiences of all ages. REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. We are willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Entertainer Contact Information For Event Bookings:

Todd Kenyon Aka Cosmo Kid
P.O. Box 255
Lodi, NJ 07644
phone: 201-697-6942

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