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The Couples' Challenge

The Couples' Challenge

How well do you think you know someone? We'll find out during the Couples' Challenge! The Couple's Challenge is hilarious, quick-paced, a unique comedy show that combines stand-up comedy with a little bit of "newlywed game" and a little bit of the "match game." It's fun, and clean but wildly entertaining. Hosted by an award winning comedian, author, and radio personality, up to five couples sit on the stage facing away from each other and are asked a series of questions that everyone should know about their partner. Teams are asked to write down their answers and if the answers match, points are given. Simple, right? WRONG!


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Will this show fit my event?

A. YES! Live game show themed entertainment is all the rage in Las Vegas, and now we bring this successful comedy show to your event anywhere in the country. This show is perfect for corporate functions, holiday parties, nightclubs, restaurants, casinos and any event where you want fun, clean entertainment.

Q. We have seen the Newlywed game, is this show only about relationships and sex and adult themes?

A. NO! This show is all about how well someone knows another person. The questions and content are NOT dirty and this show is NOT just for married couples, or couples in relationships. We have had husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers, best friends, or family members all on stage at the same time. All the comedy in the Couples' challenge is clean, tasteful and appropriate for corporate audiences, while still being "laugh till you hurt" funny. The clean comedy and variety aspects of the Couples' Challenge show make it a perfect choice when you have a diverse or international audience. This show is in high demand to provide laugh-packed entertainment for conventions and corporate events across the United States (****NOTE**** If you have an all adult audience. We can provide a little more risqué show without being crude or vulgar by request only.)

Q. Do we need a lot of room? Is there a large set up?

A. No, this fits any size room! There is minimum set up, You just need a few chairs and we bring the rest.

Q. We were looking to hire a comedian or a magician, is this a better option?

A. Yes, this show is better than just a comedian because it becomes about your guests. We have a award-winning comedian, author and radio personality hosting the show, so there are a ton of jokes and bits while your guests become stars of this show and provide "one of a kind" content. It's just more interactive and exciting than a comedian standing on stage talking about himself, or a magician doing silly magic tricks people have seen a million times!

Q. We have tried a trivia type game show before, how is this different?

A. The Couple' Challenge is better because it's not really a game show. Most trivia type game shows are where four people get on a stage and show "how smart they are" and it's normally ran by an under-qualified "DJ" who bought a game show machine to get more "gigs". The Couples' Challenge is game show themed comedy entertainment, that has been been successful at fairs, festivals, theme parks, casinos, and corporate events.

Q. Is the Couples' Challenge some type of fitness or sports challenge?

A. Ha-ha, NO! Your guests will sit in chairs, answer questions, laugh, and are not required to do a single push or pull up!

Q. Can the questions in the Couples' challenge be tailored to fit our event.

A. Yes!! And they will be, depending on the type of show and audience you have. This show isn't just for romantic couples. It is tailored to fit co-workers, best friends, or anybody. That's why the Couples' Challenge is perfect for bank meetings, corporate functions, holiday parties or any event.

Q. Who provides the prizes?

A. We can bring some prizes, but we encourage event planers to get sponsors to provide unique prizes. Our host can also thank sponsors during the show. If you are a bar or restaurant you can give a gift-certificate to your OWN establishment, which encourages patrons to come back! (And SPEND MONEY!)

Q. What if we can't get any couples to participate?

A. This has NEVER happened. It's surprising how eager and willing unlikely, shy people, are to participate in the Couples' Challenge.

Q. How do I hire the Couples' Challenge?

A. We want to help you make your event a success. Just email us the type, date and location of your event bookings at the website below, and we will send you a quote.

Travels nationwide!

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The Couples' Challenge

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