Courtney Love - Film Actress, Musician - Los Angeles, California

by Lee
(Falls Church)

In about 1992, I went to Los Angeles to get a tattoo from Leo Zulueta's shop. There, I saw an ad for a nightclub. I went to the club, Basgo's, and had a good time. As I sat in my car, a young lady ("Anja") stopped by and asked if I was from out of town. I told her about the tattoo, and said I was looking for a hotel. She said, if you take us home, up in the Hollywood Hills, I'll let you stay over for the night in a guest room. She was true to her word. In the morning, she asked me if I would drive her roommate to her job in downtown L.A. I said, sure. I then met her roommate, Courtney Love, wife of (then living) Kurt Cobain. She worked at the time in a vintage clothing store (name forgotten) while also recording with her band, Hole. We chatted on the way to her work place as we drove down from Mt. Lee, site of the HOLLYWOOD sign; her house was on the back of Mt. Lee. I asked her about her movies and recording. She was fun and nice to talk to. I tell friends about this encounter only after I've known them for a while. I like her music and have bought most of her records....

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